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Tony Perkins Dissed By Air Force

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins was disinvited from a planned speaking engagement at Andrews Air Force Base that was to have taken place last weekend after criticizing the president's position on DADT.
Two days after President Obama's State of the Union speech, in which he announced plans to repeal "Don't ask, Don't tell," Perkin's received a letter from the chaplain's office at Andrews rescinding the invitation. The letter cited Family Research Council statements calling them "incompatible in our role as military members who serve our elected officials and our commander in chief." "I never thought, you know, when I put on the uniform as a United States marine, serve six years in serving this country, [I] never gave thought to the fact that. one day I would be denied to speak because I, number one. held a view that was consistent with existing law, but number two, just happened to be in contradiction to the president of the United States on homosexuality," Perkins said in response to the letter. He added that the loss of free speech should concern all Americans. He fears a change in the law allowing gays to serve openly in the U.S. military will have a devastating effect on religious speech. "Chaplains will be muzzled in their ability to preach the whole council of God," Perkins said. "In fact, I believe you will see a mass exodus of chaplains from the military if, in fact, the military is forced to throw open its arms to embrace homosexuality."
Bryan Fischer, the notorious America Family Association radio host who has called for forcible reparative therapy for gays, is outraged.
The homosexual agenda represents a clear and present danger to virtually every fundamental right given to us by our Creator and enshrined for us in our Constitution. Start with freedom of religion and freedom of speech, the first two of our inalienable rights secured for us in the Bill of Rights. As a culture, we must choose between the homosexual agenda or the Constitution because we can't have both. Further proof comes from the abjectly pathetic decision of the chaplains' office at Andrews Air Force Base to rescind a long-standing invitation to Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council. Perkins had been invited to give a non-political talk at a prayer luncheon on the base yesterday, but was abruptly dis-invited for one simple reason: he supports the current law which makes homosexuals ineligible for service in the United States military.

Don't miss the significance here. Perkins is defending current law, and is advocating for the time-honored principle that homosexual conduct is incompatible with military service. George Washington famously and literally drummed two soldiers out of the Continental Army in the days of our contest with Great Britain after they were discovered in the act of attempted sodomy. And yet it now appears that a virtual zero-tolerance policy, rooted in Christophobia, has resulted in the blacklisting of anyone who supports what the military has always believed and practiced.
Why would somebody who calls the Commander In Chief a socialist/marxist/illegal alien be surprised if they aren't allowed to speak to his troops? Oh, wait. We know why.

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