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Wanted: More Plaintiffs For The Atlanta Eagle Bar Raid Case

One of the lawyers representing the patrons of the Atlanta Eagle has written to note that fewer than half of the customers who were present on the night of that outrageous raid have joined the lawsuit against the city and the cops. He advises that there are only a few days left to "easily" join the complaint. And it won't cost you a dime.
Please feel free to let people know they should not worry about legal fees, if that is the reason they have not joined the case. From the first day I took the case I agreed not to take a fee from the clients, and when the Southern Center for Human Rights and Lambda Legal agreed to join me in the case they both agreed, very happily, to the same arrangement. I would hate to think anyone is staying away from the case because of a concern about legal fees. I do understand that there are legitimate reasons some people might want to avoid joining the case, and I respect that decision; the names of the plaintiffs' are public, and some people might be concerned about their privacy. (Of course, in terms of having the police and the city know their identity, the police already have everyone's names, since their took everyone's ID and put their names, birthdates, etc. into a police computer. But I understand that being a plaintiff in a public lawsuit is not something everyone is comfortable with.)
Go for information on how to join the suit. If you don't care to be a plaintiff, you can join as a witness instead.

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