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A Barebacker Repents

Former barebacking porn star Brent Corrigan has amended his unsafe ways and is apologizing to the to the gay male community by participating in a safer sex campaign conducted by the Washington-based DC FUK!T. Via press release:
DC FUK!T, a Washington D.C. based safer sex advocacy group, released its latest "How to Put on a Condom" video, staring adult performer, Brent Corrigan. Corrigan volunteered his time and "sizable talent" for the group's edgy condom campaign, just as porn icon Matthew Rush did in a similar "how to" video released by the group this past fall. Said one of the group's co-founders: "Although when Mr. Corrigan first entered the adult industry as a teen, he performed in bareback porn films, he has long since become an advocate for safer sex and has very publicly apologized for his past appearances in films depicting high risk and unsafe sexual practices. We believe that Brent's ability to learn from his professional mistakes years ago and change his behavior are what now make him a great spokesperson and role model for safer sex at a time when both bareback porn and HIV are unfortunately making a comeback."
Here's their NSFW website. And here's their very NSFW instructional video starring Brent Corrigan.

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