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Challenger Announces Bid To Unseat Anti-Gay NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

Bronx Democrat Charlie Ramos has announced his intent to run against New York's most famously evil homophobe, state Sen. Ruben Diaz.
"This September I will run for the State Senate and take on Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. in the Democratic primary,” Ramos wrote in a “Dear Friend” e-mail he is poised to blast out this evening. “I’m running because the people of the Bronx are hurting and our State government is not helping our community, but making living conditions worsen.” “…The people of the Bronx deserve better than this. I would go a step further and say the people of the Bronx are at risk because of the failure of our State government. If I become your State Senator – I will be accountable only to you. My very first priority will be to protect our children and bring jobs to our community.”
In 2008 Diaz organized the largest anti-gay rally in New York history when he railed against same-sex marriage before thousands of Hispanic evangelicals outside of Gov. Paterson's NYC office. Diaz has very strong support in the Bronx and Charlie Ramos is going to need all the help that the LGBT community can muster. I'll provide his campaign and fundraising details here when they become available.

UPDATE: Contribute to Ramos here. Campaign website here.

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