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The Seed Cathedral

No, that isn't a computer-created image. It's real world art.
The Seed Cathedral at the Shanghai World Expo's UK Pavillion is exactly that: a 66-feet-tall shrine accented with 60,000 25-feet-long fiber-optic rods on its exterior, each of which contains one or more seeds encased at its tip. And awe-inspiring it certainly is. The rods funnel light into the Seed Cathedral's interior during the day and carry interior light out outward at night, casting a beautiful glow around the structure. The fiber-optic rods sway in the breeze, conjuring images of tall stalks of grass waving in the wind or even the tiny filament hairs that grow on some seeds. From inside, the movement of the clouds above and the swaying of the fibers can give the sensation that cathedral is moving, or perhaps breathing.
Hit the link for close-ups.

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