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Gay Polo League Launches In Florida

A gay polo league launched in Florida's tony Palm Beach County with a weekend event that drew 20 competitors from around the country.
Each team in the inaugural tournament was built around local Wellington professional players Roldan (9), Blake (7), Bollini (6) and Casey (5) and mounted through the efforts of Marc and Melissa Ganzi. The Gay Polo League’s mission is “to provide the GLBT community with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to participate in a unique sporting activity, promote participation in amateur competitions, as well as foster, develop, support and recognize sportsmanship, fellowship and goodwill among the members.” The VIP tent was host to a number of celebrities that included former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, six-time Olympic Dressage rider Robert Dover, Gale Brophy and others while the west side of the field was lined with tailgate parties that ranged from casual to extreme. “We just want to level the playing field,” offered Wigdahl after the awards ceremony. “We don’t want to be treated any better or any worse than anyone else. We just want to be accepted as equals.”
Over 1500 fans attended the debut match.

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