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Gluteal Cleft Shield

First it was elective rectal cleansing, now it's coin-slot protection. Fashionista reports getting the following email.
I am the designer of a product called the Backtacular gluteal cleft shield. It’s a hypoallergenic adhesive patch that is applied directly to the skin above the gluteal cleft area of the buttocks. The patch is made of denim with a rhine stone and/or rhine stud design. The product stops gluteal cleft exposure when wearing low rise apparel. The picture of Jennifer Garner below is courtesy of the TMZ ” Crack Is Wack” section of the TMZ website. The Backtacular Gluteal cleft patch is patent and trademark pending. I would appreciate your consideration in taking my company on as a client.
Check out the site if you'd like a bedazzled crack. I guess that's better than being vajazzled.

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