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HomoQuotable - Alan Chambers

"According to both Dawson [McCallister] and his CEO (who also spoke with me by phone) this severance had nothing to do with disagreement. The CEO, in fact, assured me they still love Exodus and believe in what we are doing, which bothers me all the more. When organizational relations end, due to irreconcilable differences of belief or practice, that makes sense.

"But when someone publicly dumps you then privately whispers 'We still believe in what you’re doing', isn’t some kind of double-mindedness at play? Both of them also stressed to me their desire to stay on Clear Channel, which is understandable. But at what cost? When a Christian leader is forced to choose between truth and market numbers, should market numbers really be the deciding factor?" - Exodus International president Alan Chambers, stamping his widdle feet because nationally syndicated radio advice host Dawson McCallister has agreed to Clear Channel's demand that he stop referring gay teens to Exodus.

(Tipped by Dave Ratigan @ Ex-Gay Watch, who notes that it took Chambers six months to denounce Uganda's kill gays bill, but only one week to denounce his former BFF Dawson McCallister.)

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