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Los Angeles City Council Calls On Feds To End Social Security Discrimination

Today the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution calling on the federal government to end Social Security policies that discriminate against same-sex couples. Via press release from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center:
“LGBT workers pay into the system like everyone else,” said Councilmember Koretz, “so the federal government has no business denying same-sex couples equal benefits. It’s unfair, it’s un-American and it must change.” Councilmember Rosendahl said: “With the energy of our youth and the wisdom of our seniors, we’ll get our rights.” On April 11, just days before Americans must file their tax returns, Councilmember Koretz will join Senator Barbara Boxer and many others at Rock for Equality, a rally, march and ‘rock-in’ to demand equal benefits for LGBT tax payers. Hundreds of people will meet in front of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s McDonald/Wright building, followed by a march to the Hollywood Social Security office where they will stage a rally and rocking chair ‘rock-in.’

Senator Boxer, who just pledged her support for Rock for Equality, said: “I look forward to being at Rock for Equality on April 11, and applaud the organizers and participants of this event for their efforts to achieve equality in Social Security benefits.” Senator Boxer is not alone among Washington, D.C. leaders who agree that Social Security discrimination must end. President Barack Obama said at a recent town hall meeting in Florida: “The notion that someone who’s working really hard for 30 years can’t take their death benefits and transfer them to the person they love the most in the world, and who has supported them all their lives… that just doesn’t seem fair… it doesn’t seem right…”
Go the Rock For Equality site for information on the campaign to grant same-sex couples the same Social Security benefits as any other married American.

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