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Men In Dresses Prepare To Invade Ladies Rooms In Small Montana Town

Tonight the city council of Missoula, Montana will consider an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance that has brought out the typical "men in ladies rooms" screams by God's Gentle People™, who last week marched with signs prompted by the website.
NOTMYBATHROOM.COM is an action to defeat the Missoula anti-discrimination ordinance or more accurately called THE PEEPING TOM PROTECTION ORDINANCE. A review of the ordinance that will be voted on in the Missoula City Council on April 12th reveals the extreme nature of the ordinance and the effect it will have on businesses, churches and virtually all organizations in Missoula City limits. In addition to great expense for businesses to provide toilet facilities, with the additional peril of lawsuits and loss of business licenses, it could also force ministers to perform homosexual marriages. In addition, Missoula ’s taxpayers will probably find themselves paying large attorney fees and court costs when this unconstitutional ordinance is challenged. This could also force the Boy Scouts of America to have homosexual Boy Scout leaders and force them to allow girls to be part of the troops – even though the US Supreme Court has ruled against these requirements.
JMG reader Mike Wessler notes that the above anti-gay site is being countered by some local faith leaders with the site
Flush the Fear is a group composed of people of faith, including various denominations of the Christian faith, the Jewish faith, and a number of other faith traditions, who live and work in the Missoula area. Our group includes pastors, faith leaders, and lay people. We have joined together in an effort to show the broad support for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender (LGBT) equality that exists within communities of faith here in Missoula. Our group will be a leader in articulating God’s justice and ministry of inclusion and hospitality.
Expecting a large crowd, Missoula police are cautioning the public to maintain decorum during the hearing and have set up an auxiliary overflow room with a live feed of the proceedings. Before the vote, there will be a Diversity Day march of supporters to the city council chambers. Follow the proceedings on Twitter on Mike's account.

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