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Norman Laboon To Face Psychiactric Exam And Competency Hearing

God, aka Norman Laboon, has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination. Laboon was arrested last week after Rep. Eric Cantor dug up two year old death threats that Laboon had made against him on YouTube. Critics charge that Cantor's team was desperately looking for any proof that Republicans too have been the subject of threats, as were many Democrats after the health care reform vote.
"It is hereby ordered that the above Defendant shall be detained temporarily and that a psychiatric/psychological examination of Defendant be conducted to determine his mental competency to stand trial and to comprehend the nature and consequences of his actions," says the order, dated March 29 and entered on the docket today. The exam is to be held before Thursday, when a competency hearing is scheduled. Leboon has a history of claiming that he is a deity, including an incident last summer when, according to a police report, he threatened to dispatch the angel Gabriel to kill his roommate.
In numerous YouTube clips Laboon claimed to be a gay Muslim with a partner and two children. Despite Rep. Cantor's transparent desperation and Laboon's obvious mental illness, teabaggers are already citing Laboon as a shining example of the "violent left."

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