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Quote Of The Day - Clay Yarborough

"I would say that when I read Romans Chapter 1, I see striking resemblances between where Rome was just prior to its fall in comparison to where America is today. There are striking similarities in what we allow in our societies. Rome did not fall from an outside attack, whether it was military or otherwise. It fell from within because it was morally bankrupt. And I believe we have been treading in that area for a while and the more that we do not embrace that which honors the Lord, we shouldn’t be surprised if the blessings do not continue on our land." - Jacksonville, Florida City Commissioner Clay Yarborough, telling the Florida Times-Union that gays, Muslims, and atheists should not be allowed to hold public office. Yarborough is in the news because he blocked the appointment of a woman to his city's Human Rights Commission because she refused to answer his questions about religion and gay marriage.

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