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Robert Gibbs: White House Will Wait Until Pentagon Completes DADT Repeal Study

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said today that the White House remains committed to repealing DADT, but will not push for action until the Pentagon completes its repeal implementation study, which is expected to be concluded in December. Reporter Kerry Eleveld: "So that rules out legislative action this year?" Gibbs: "The House and the Senate are obviously different branches of government. The president has a process and proposal I think that he believes is the best way forward to seeing, again, the commitment he has made for many years to changing that law."

This clip opens with Gibbs and Eleveld discussing the unprecedented action taken by the police and Secret Service during GetEQUAL's protest yesterday, when they pushed back reporters attempting to cover the action. Lafayette Park, a frequent site of protests on many issues, was closed entirely to everybody during the arrests. Reporters are usually allowed to remain.

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