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Size Queen Fashion Alert

South Florida Gay News reports on a new t-shirt line.
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, however, Gunner Thelander and Kevin Mahon both of Fort Lauderdale and the Inchwear Team have something other in mind than hearts. The InchWear t-shirts—displaying increments of 6,” 7,” 8,” 9,” & 10+”—dare men to let the world know just how big that…special attachment is. Or maybe, after the shirt and the pants come off, how they measure up in terms of honesty. One would assume the 10”+ would be the biggest seller. After all when codpieces were the fashion centuries ago brides frequently found most of their husband’s virility to be discarded padding. However, when asked, Thelander shocked SFGN, “Actually our biggest sellers are tied between the 6” and 8” models.” There’s honesty in South Florida? Who knew?
I suppose that unlike the infamous "AOL inches," at least you can ask the t-shirt wearer for immediate proof.

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