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VANCOUVER: Lesbian Teacher Fired From Catholic School After Partner Has Baby

A Vancouver music teacher says she was fired after co-workers at her Catholic school learned that she and her lesbian partner had just had a baby.
Lisa Reimer said Wednesday her music classes were cancelled and she was told to work from home marking papers until her one-year temporary employment contract with Little Flower Academy expires in June. She said the effect of the orders, which came after the school apparently received complaints from parents who didn't like a homosexual instructor teaching their children, amounts to dismissal. "I feel like I've been fired with a payout," she told reporters at a news conference. "All the families have been told I am on a personal leave, which I am not." She said the school took the action just as she was preparing to return to work after a three-week leave following the birth of her son. But in a statement issued late Wednesday, Celso Boscariol, the chairman of the school's board of directors, said Reimer "has not been fired, and she remains in the services of LFA until June 30 and will continue to be paid accordingly."
Upon her employment Reimer signed an agreement that as a non-Catholic, she would not speak against the Catholic faith or attempt to influence students with "non-Catholic values," something she says she has not done.

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