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Adoption Equality For Denmark

It might be hard to believe that a progressive nation like Denmark only yesterday granted equal adoption rights to gay couples, but that's the case.
Danish parliament passed a vote giving equal adoption rights to couples in registered partnerships yesterday, but without the support of the government. The opposition, together with breakaway members of the government’s Liberal Party, voted in favour of the legislation which will allow all same sex couples in registered partnerships the same adoption rights as married couples from 1 July. Danish homosexuals could previously adopt as individuals or adopt the children of their partner under the step-child adoption laws. Figures from Statistics Denmark show that of the 712 step-child adoptions in 2007, 103 were from couples in a registered partnership. The Liberal-Conservative government was left in a difficult position, being forced to introduce a legislative bill without backing it. Justice minister Lars Barfoed said last week that the government would remain firm in its commitment to vote against the bill. ‘I think children as a rule need a mother and a father,’ Barfoed said.

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