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Another Trans Murder In Puerto Rico?

It appears that Puerto Rico has seen its third transgender woman murdered in about six months. Andres Duque at Blabbeando translates for us:
Almost a month after the grisly murder of Ashley, a transsexual hairdresser from Corozal, the country relives the tragedy with the death of Angie González Oquendo, who was tortured and murdered by someone whom the victim’s father presumes is her sentimental partner. The strong stench permeating Columbus Boulevard Street in Caguas is what moved neighbors to call the authorities, who then found the body in an advanced state of decomposition. According to public prosecutor Candida Selles, the murder, which will be investigated as a hate crime, might have occurred on Friday. It was just on that day that family and friends of "Angie", whose real name was Angel and was 37 years of age, last saw her alive. "On Friday, she went to the supermarket where I work, greeted me and said, 'Daddy, give me a dollar’. And I gave it to her. After that, I didn’t see her again,” said Ángel González Aponte, the still shaken father of the victim who was found stark naked, with her hands tied, strangled with an electrical cord and with multiple stab wounds in her body.
More on this as it develops.

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