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BOSTON: Catholic Archdiocese Comes To Defense Of Banned Student

Well, this is pleasantly shocking. In reaction to yesterday's news that the son of two lesbian moms was denied enrollment at a Catholic school, the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has issued a letter saying that it will not fund any school with a discriminatory admissions policy.
Any such practice “is at odds with our values as a foundation, the intentions of our donors, and ultimately Gospel teaching,’’ said the letter . from the foundation, which relies on corporate executives to help raise millions each year. The letter was signed by the group’s executive director, Michael B. Reardon. Jack Connors chairs the Campaign for Catholic Schools, which has raised nearly $60 million for major capital and program improvements in local Catholic schools. He called the incident an unfortunate aberration and said he was not concerned that it would discourage corporate donors. “But,’’ he said, “I am disappointed that this faith that I love seems to find new ways to shoot itself in the foot.’’ The archdiocese moved swiftly yesterday to clarify its policy and show support for the family. Mary Grassa O’Neill, superintendent of schools for the archdiocese, issued a statement saying that the church does not prohibit children of same-sex parents from attending Catholic schools and that the archdiocese will “work in the coming weeks to develop a policy to eliminate any misunderstandings in the future.’’
The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is VERY displeased with the Archdiocese's reaction, saying, "The real question here is why two people who radically repudiate the moral teachings of Catholicism would want their child educated in a Catholic school."

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