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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Students To Cross-Dress In Protest Over Homophobia

Student at a British Columbia high school are planning to cross-dress in protest of the cancellation of anti-homophobia events.
Students at Columneetza Secondary in Williams Lake were supposed to have an assembly on Tuesday to see an anti-homophobia presentation organized by the local Gay Straight Alliance. But the event was cancelled, along with a so-called Gender Bender day when students would dress up as the opposite sex, according to student organizer Lexi Fallel. Diane Wright, the superintendent of the Cariboo-Chilcotin School District, confirmed the school board cancelled some of the events after parents complained last week. "They felt that it was promoting the gay lifestyle, rather than promoting anti-homophobia," said Wright. Students face consequences if they show up at school dressed in the opposite gender's clothing, said Fallel. "We were actually told that any student that comes to school dressed in the opposite gender's clothing will be sent home and suspended and it could be on our permanent record," said Fallel.
Students are planning their protest for this Friday. School administrators say no one will be suspended.

(Tipped by JMG reader Neil)

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