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Christian Group: If We Repeal DADT, Soldiers Will Get AIDS

Christian Newswire, which normally flogs the bleatings of the Family Research Council, has just sent out the below press release from some outfit called America's Survival titled Disease-tainted Gay Blood Threatens Our Troops!
"A vote to repeal the homosexual exclusion policy would inevitably mean more disease and death for members of our Armed Forces," stated Cliff Kincaid, the veteran journalist who runs ASI. "It is unconscionable to add this danger to the risks they already face in fighting for our freedom around the world." Another danger, the video explains, would be the admission of transgendered individuals who want to dress up as members of the opposite sex and would cry "discrimination" if they are not allowed to do so. "If Congress repeals the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' homosexual exclusion policy," declared Kincaid, "Corporal Klinger could become a reality in the Armed Forces." Klinger was the bizarre character on the MASH comedy show that dressed up as a woman so that he could be kicked out of the service. "Klinger may now give way to the Pentagon actually permitting transgendered male soldiers that look like Klinger to openly wear women's clothing," noted the ASI president.
Note how they made the immediate jump from DADT and HIV to men in dresses. The press release does note that all soldiers are tested for HIV prior to induction, but it then it cites the singular example of an HIV-positive soldier infecting a 17 year-old male he met in a chat room. Because if it happened ONCE out of all those millions of soldiers....
As the vote in Congress draws near, Kincaid predicted that the pro-homosexual liberal media will deliberately ignore the fact that a decision to repeal the policy would mean that gay soldiers could be put in the position of donating infected blood to other soldiers in desperate need of blood transfusions. "A soldier desperate for life-giving blood could die as a result of the transfusion from a gay soldier," Kincaid said. "By the same token, a profusely bleeding gay soldier could threaten those caring for him on the battlefield, ultimately taking the lives of his fellow soldiers."
Here's their repulsive fear-mongering video, which goes on about bathhouses, circuit parties, and "tea rooms."

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