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Christianists Flop With Anti-Gay May Day

God's gentle and loving people held a May Day event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial today where they gathered to bray over loudspeakers for the fiery eternal damnation of the evil homosexuals. Oh, and for Muslims too, as one speaker prayed for God's forgiveness that a Muslim now serves in Congress. Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out was in attendance and he declared the supposed $70,000 event a major flop, considering that only 300 people showed up. For $250/head they could have had a very nice hotel event somewhere, but then they wouldn't have gotten to piss off all the tourists trying to enjoy the nation's monuments on a beautiful spring day.

Among the speakers was everybody's favorite closet case, Porno Pete LaBarbera, who took a few minutes to pray against gay youth, gay activists, and anybody else openly doing the things that he does himself in secret.

(Video via Right Wing Watch)

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