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Controversy At Liberty University Over Glenn Beck Commencement Selection

Some folks are at mad at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University because Glenn Beck, a Mormon, has been chosen as their commencement speaker.
Steve McConkey, founder of the apologetics ministry 4 Winds, believes the university is sending a dangerous message by allowing Beck to speak at the ceremony. "We believe that...Christians, at supposedly the largest evangelical university in the United States...should be the commencement speaker[s] there because they have weathered the storm of life and as a Christian," he contends, arguing that the speaker should not be "a Mormon that teaches false doctrine." Liberty University spokesman Johnnie Moore responds by saying that Beck was chosen because he is right for the event. "In this time period, where it seems like so many in the United States are embracing a larger government and socialist tendencies, Glenn Beck is one of the people out there who is sort of championing traditional American values and [the] perception of the United States of limited government and of freedom," Moore explains.

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