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Family Research Council Applauds Steve Jobs For Porn-Free iPad

The Family Research Council would like you to know that they are VERY appreciative of Steve Jobs' attempts to keep Apple devices free of nasty porn.
The new Apple iPad offers consumers plenty of things--including "freedom from porn," according to chief executive Steve Jobs. In an exchange with blogger Ryan Tate, who disagreed with the suggestion that the iPad is a revolution, Jobs said, "[This is about] freedom"--including, he wrote, "freedom from porn." Tate accused the company of "imposing...morality" on customers. "Porn is just fine!" the reporter insisted. The Apple boss disagreed. "You might care about porn when you have kids." In an era of corporate irresponsibility, it's nice to see one company taking a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the Apple Empire has a little farther to go. For now, users can still download Playboy apps, but this is certainly a good start. While some executives try to out-sleaze their competition, we're grateful that Jobs is trying to keep the iPad from becoming an eyesore.
Steve Jobs wants freedom from porn. And Flash!

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