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Family Suing School After Bus Driver Tells Student To Stop Saying Gays Go To Hell

The wingnut-o-sphere is positively quivering with outrage today over a report that an Indiana school bus driver berated a girl for continuing to preach against gays and Obama to fellow students. The driver was recorded admonishing the student over the bus PA system. Keep in mind that the below news story and video are from a Fox News affiliate. The incident occurred in late 2008, but is in the news today because the parents are suing the school.
Video of the incident shows the bus driver calling the student "a stupid little bigot" after the two disagreed on abortion and gay marriage. It happened one day after President Barack Obama was elected. Parents of the student want the driver fired. Betty Campbell reportedly made the comment after a middle school girl told other students on the bus they were going to hell if they believed in gay marriage. Her parents say their little girl never said that. "She's been affected by this in a negative way at a core level that we're trying to get her back from, and we haven't been able to do it," said the girl's father, Ed Zimmer.

According to the surveillance video, the bus driver told the girl: "I don't want to hear one more word about anyone going to hell if they're gay or if they're Buddhist or whatever cause it's none of your damn business." "I'm not trying to be mean but you can't talk like that to people. I have heard you darling. It's not like I have never heard you," Campbell said in the video.
However, Zimmer said during a deposition, and while she was under oath, Campbell admitted she had never heard the girl talk about gays going to hell. "Their reaction to this one is I think honestly, 'let's not do what's right. Let's protect ourselves against a lawsuit and we can strong arm the Zimmers,'" said Zimmer.

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