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Feds Arrest Pakistani Immigrant In Connection To Times Square Car Bomb

Federal investigators have arrested a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan in connection with Saturday's failed car bombing in Times Square. The suspect was arrested at JFK while apparently attempting to flee the country.
The man, Faisal Shahzad, was believed to have recently bought the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder that was found loaded with gasoline, propane, fireworks and fertilizer in the heart of Times Square, one of the people briefed on the development said. Mr. Shahzad was taken into custody at a New York-area airport, apparently trying to flee, one of the people said. Charges against Mr. Shahzad, who had returned recently from a trip to Pakistan, were not announced. The authorities began focusing on him after they tracked the vehicle to its previously registered owner in Bridgeport, Conn., who had advertised it for sale on several Web sites. He paid cash, and the sale was handled without any formal paperwork. The former owner told investigators that it appeared the buyer was of Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent, but could not recall his name. It was unclear how agents from the Joint Terrorist Task Force identified him. Federal authorities provided few details on Monday night about the arrest, the suspect or the scope of any conspiracy in the failed attack.
It doesn't appear that the man arrested at JFK was the same person spotted on the surveillance video that was circulated by investigators on Monday. Authorities now say that man may not be involved in the attempted attack, but that they are continuing to look for him. On Sunday a Pakistani sect of the Taliban claimed responsibility for the car bomb. Investigators are now seeking a link between the man arrested at JFK and Islamist groups in Pakistan.

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