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GetEQUAL: ENDA Protest In DC Today

As ENDA appears to be stalled in committee, GetEQUAL will be holding an emergency protest in Washington DC today.

From the event Facebook page:
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would provide basic workplace protections for LGBT Americans, is currently stalled in committee. If it does not see a floor vote before Memorial Day most agree it has NO CHANCE this election cycle. This is an EMERGENCY. We will be picketing Democratic leadership who have let the bill stall on their watches. NANCY PELOSI: WE DEMAND OUR CIVIL RIGHTS. PASS A TRANS-INCLUSIVE ENDA NOW. Bring your picket sign, your work clothes and your friends. We can save this bill. LET'S GET EQUAL!
GetEqual co-founder Robin McGehee:
“We’ve heard all we can stand to hear from leaders in Congress, they promised a vote this calendar year and we expect them to honor their word,” said Robin McGhee, co-founder of GetEQUAL. “As the window continues to slowly close on available legislative calendar dates to vote on ENDA in the House and in the Senate, we will continue to hold Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid accountable for the direct promise they made to the LGBT community. Our community has done the work to lobby and educate members of Congress on the need for a fully inclusive ENDA and now is the time to stop the talking and start the voting.”
WHAT: Emergency Capitol Hill Protest to Save ENDA
WHEN: TODAY -- Thursday, May 20th, 2010
WHERE: Corner of Independence Ave SE & 1st ST SE
WHO: GetEQUAL, a new direct action LGBT civil rights organization
TIME: 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm (ET)

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