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Glee Cast Joins Pop Chart Royalty

In less than one year, the cast of Glee has scored 43 (mostly minor) hit singles on Billboard's Hot 100, placing them among the top ten most charting non-solo acts of all time. Here's the current ranking of group acts by number of charting Hot 100 singles: Beatles (71), Rolling Stones (57), Beach Boys (55), Temptations (53), Chicago (46), Miracles (46), Four Tops (45), Supremes (45), Bee Gees (43), Glee cast (43).

As a vivid example of the disposability of today's pop music, Billboard notes that the 43 Glee singles have only spent a combined 57 weeks on the chart, with only eight of the singles surviving longer than one week. By comparison, singles by the Beatles spent a combined 617 weeks on the Hot 100.

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