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HAWAII: Gov. Linda Lingle (R) Indicates She May Veto Civil Unions Bill

Saying that it appears to be a defacto legalization of same-sex marriage, Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle has indicated she may veto the state's pending civil unions bill.
Her description is identical to complaints from religious conservatives who oppose civil unions and to a resolution approved yesterday by state Republicans who want her to veto the bill. "It does appear to me on reading it, that it really is same-sex marriage, but by a different name," Lingle told reporters during a break at the state GOP convention at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikīkī. "But I want to wait and hear people out." Lingle has said in the past that she would consider some form of domestic partnership legislation but she has opposed same-sex marriage. The governor made it clear yesterday that she believes domestic partnerships are different from the civil unions described in the bill.
Equality Hawaii reacts: "Civil unions is an alternative legal mechanism to ensure that all couples and families get the same equal treatment under the law. But it's not a marriage." The Hawaii GOP held their state convention this weekend where they issued a resolution denouncing the bill, saying that while people may be free to "choose" to be gay, "their choices may not always be good for all of society." Lingle has until July 9th to veto the bill or allow it to become law without her signature.

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