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HomoQuotable - Jessica Lee

"'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' is the most dramatic and disappointing example of the Democrats’ failure. Despite overwhelming public support for repeal, Congress is at an impasse on the issue and the administration of our 'fierce advocate,' despite his promise to repeal, is now urging Congress not to vote for repeal this year.

"It is clear the gay community is taken for granted by the Democratic Party. No matter how much money we give them or how many doors we knock on for their candidates our issues are never a priority. And not until we make Democrats compete for our money and our votes will they be. I know as gay conservatives, we have an uphill battle. I understand how entrenched the Democratic Party is within our community. But you can be a good gay person who supports equality and not be a Democrat. Gay conservatives share many of the same goals as our friends on the left, even if we may disagree on the best policy route to get us there." - GOProud's newest board member Jessica Lee, writing for the Washington Blade.

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