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JAMAICA: Activists Stage Violence-Free LGBT Rights Demonstration

As part of the today's International Day Against Homophobia observations, activists in Jamaica marched with signs at a busy intersection in Kingston. And for once, nobody got beaten up. From the anti-gay Jamaica Observer:
Held between 8:00 to 8:30 am the protest was intentionally short to avoid a disturbance, said one human rights activist to whom the Observer spoke. He said that several drivers honked in support while others shouted their disapproval. However the activist reported no violence against the protesters. He said that although not a homosexual, he took support in support of human rights in general. "Just because in principle I believe in the universality of human rights and I'm against certain laws and public opinion in Jamaica," he explained. Homosexuality is effectively criminalised in Jamaica by the anti-buggery laws, which are supported by public opinion.
(Via Rod 2.0)

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