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Movie Gallery To Close, AFA Takes Credit

The nation's #2 movie rental company, Movie Gallery, is going out of business and will close its remaining 1900 outlets this year. And the American Family Association is taking credit.
American Family Association has worked for years to close down Movie Gallery shops, pointing out to consumers and law-enforcement authorities the company's practice of distributing hardcore pornography out of stores' "back rooms." Randy Sharp is director of special projects for AFA. Randy Sharp AFA"We're now seeing that Movie Gallery, which is in its second bankruptcy in the last five years, is continuing to close more and more stores," he notes. "At one time, Movie Gallery had over 2,000 video stores. They're now down to just a few hundred." Several years ago, AFA launched a boycott of the stores and continued it with success in several states. In Mississippi alone 80 percent of the stores were shuttered. The AFA spokesman says that came about because the pro-family group raised awareness to communities in that state, citizens became involved, and the law was enforced.
The AFA says their "next move" is to get the feds to prosecute stores that sell porn.

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