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NYC Wins Super Bowl 2014

Yesterday NFL team owners voted to award the 2014 Super Bowl to NYC. It will be the first time the game will be played in a "cold weather" city with an open stadium, the brand new Meadowlands. Which is in New Jersey, of course.
The Super Bowl could bring in as much as $550 million to the region, according to some estimates. But these measures, sports and economic experts say, are an inexact and vary based on factors ranging from what teams are playing to the weather. That's not such a big deal in Miami or Los Angeles, but the average temperature for the Meadowlands area in February is somewhere between 24 to 40 degrees, with several inches of rain. And the game is usually at night, when temperatures drop. Did we mention there's no roof on the new $1.6 billion stadium? That may keep some fair-weather fans away and the die-hards too, if their flights are canceled due to snow.
New Jersey didn't pay for the new stadium, but it still has to finish paying about $120M for the old one, which was demolished last week.

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