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One Iowa Vs One Iowa is the site for Iowa's long-running LGBT rights organization. But they apparently failed to also reserve the .com extension of their name and the Christianists have jumped on it.
Recently, the a “.COM” website was created (www.OneIowa.COM), but with a completely different agenda. The new site includes socially conservative content about several issues: protecting gun rights, restricting abortion, maintaining “sovereignty” (actually, just promoting numerous Iowa “Tea Parties”), supporting right-to-work laws, and—predictably—providing “We the People” of Iowa the opportunity to vote for an amendment taking away the rights and securities of legal civil marriage from committed same-sex couples.

The “marriage” page on the “.COM” site includes a link to the Iowa Family Policy Center’s LUV Iowa website, which is actively pursuing an amendment to Iowa’s Constitution that would read: “Marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal union valid or recognized in this state.” An amendment with this wording would not only invalidate the hundreds of legal marriages that have been recognized in Iowa since April 27, 2009, but would also restrict civil unions.

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