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PhoboQuotable - Peter Sprigg

"There are many jobs for which personal appearance is a legitimate and relevant characteristic. Yet even Anne Lawrence, a male-to-female transgender who has written several academic papers on the issue, has admitted that many transgendered people do not make a convincing appearance in their chosen gender identity. It is simply inevitable that when they see a brawny 6' 2" man with broad shoulders, large hands, large feet, a protruding Adam's apple, facial stubble, and a deep voice wearing high heels, pantyhose and a skirt, many customers or clients may be put off. An employer should not be forced to ignore this risk.

"Dr. Paul McHugh, the psychiatrist who called a halt to sex-change surgeries at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, has written, 'We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure and ultimately prevent it.' Congress should not collaborate with this madness either." - Family Research Council's Peter Sprigg, who says that the gender identity facet of ENDA is its "Achilles heel." Finding scant opposition to the idea that it's wrong to fire someone merely for being gay, our enemies continue to scream about the boogeyman in a dress.

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