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Quote Of The Day - Alex Sink

"When Attorney General McCollum was asked why he would hire a man like this -- who previous courts had said that his testimony was no legitimacy -- his response was, 'Well it wasn't me who hired him. It was the Department of Children and Families, they hired the expert witnesses.' Well, surprise, surprise, about two weeks later the Department of Children and Families said, 'Oh no that's not the way it was. We didn't want to hire this guy. The attorney general demanded that we hire the man,' and they produced a letter signed by the Attorney General McCollum himself.

"That sounds to me like a typical politician. He's faced with something, they try to sweep it under the carpet or lay the blame on somebody else when all along he was the one who agreed to hire this Rekers, whose testimony in previous cases had already been judged to be not relevant and not accurate. We don't need people in public service like that." - Democratic candidate for Florida governor Alex Sink on the George Rekers scandal.

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