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REVEALED: The Hypocrisy Of Bill McCollum On Florida's Gay Adoption Ban

Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell today reveals Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's hypocrisy when it comes to gay adoption.
McCollum tried to take my fellow columnist, Mike Thomas, for a ride on this one. After Mike asked McCollum whether he personally supported the ban on gay adoption, McCollum batted his eyes and said he had a gay staffer who had adopted children in another state. "Lets leave it at that," McCollum then said. This was supposed to be McCollum's little wink and nod to the liberal media — not to mention the majority of Americans who oppose Florida's outdated law — that he's really on their side. Horse hockey.

Two years ago, when McCollum was addressing Republicans in Indian River County, he promised to fight as hard as he could to keep gays from ever adopting children in this state. "We're going to go to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and we're going to argue their socks off," he said to a round of applause, according to the Press Journal of Vero Beach. "We happen to believe in this party that this state law is the right law."
Maxwell notes that McCollum also supported a ban on gay adoptions when he was a member of Congress. Call out Bill McCollum's lies at his work office: 850-414-3300.

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