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Times Square Car Bomb Suspect Video

The NYPD has released surveillance video of a "balding white man in his 40's" leaving the vicinity of the SUV left in Times Square on Saturday night.
In a chilling surveillance video released late last night, the man is seen at the end of Shubert Alley peeling off a sweatshirt he'd been wearing over a short-sleeved red shirt, furtively glancing over his shoulder, then stuffing the sweatshirt into a bag. Abandoned "in close proximity" was the dark-green,1993 Nissan Pathfinder loaded with explosives meant to blow a hole through the heart of New York, a source said. The footage was the most dramatic to emerge from a series of frightening images released by the NYPD yesterday, showing the SUV snaking through thousands of unsuspecting bystanders at the corner of 45th and Broadway at around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Moments later, its driver leaped out -- leaving the motor running and the hazard lights on. And within minutes, two vendors heard the pop-pop-pop of M88s and saw smoke seeping out of the SUV.
Police say that had the bomb exploded, the carnage could have been "unimaginable." There were eight bags of fertilizer in the vehicle, but it was not "explosive grade" such as used in the Oklahoma City bombing. Nevertheless, the resultant fireball would be been large enough to kill hundreds and cause serious structural damage to nearby buildings.

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