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Environmental activists and the usual clingers-on to any social movement will gather near the BP station on Houston Street in downtown Manhattan tonight to protest the oil giant's culpability in the Gulf oil spill. Code Pink is involved. Ooh, and those always gentle folks from Critical Mass. I predict mayhem. Here's the action's fact sheet, via Gothamist.
The response to this event has been overwhelming and we are doing our best to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We need your help! Please read and follow these directions precisely, and SHARE them with your fellow protesters, many of whom will not see them. Word of mouth made this event huge, and word of mouth will make it beautiful. There will also be a dozen marshals with large MARSHAL BP badges who will be directing the group on site. Thank you!!

DO converge at 6 pm sharp at the BP station on Houston between Broadway and Lafayette.
DO NOT be early or late.
DO NOT demonstrate ANY violence, verbal or physical, to the police, to your fellows, or to property. If you are detained DO NOT resist. If you or another are detained or harassed CALL OR TEXT (917) 544-5604.
DO wear either a costume of your choice or white clothes (that you
don’t mind getting sludgy).
DO bring a water bottle full of dirty (with dirt, molasses, food coloring or water-based paint) to pour on yourself. At 6:15 EXACTLY you may walk onto the station’s property and pour this “oil” on yourself or your (willing) neighbor to demonstrate what the people and wildlife in the Gulf are suffering. At this point when we are asked to leave we will be trespassing, so we advise you to leave when requested to do so.
There are only a handful of gas stations in Manhattan, so it's just BP's bad luck that they are one of them. Some folks will surely spend Memorial Day weekend in the Tombs.

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