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Weekend Mix - DJ Seymour Butz

It's been a helluva week. Kick back and turn up this hot new podcast by Australia's wildly popular DJ Seymour Butz. But put the kiddies to bed first cuz this here is some filthy/gorgeous dance music. Our first NSFW podcast! Setlist. Website. Interview. Podcasts. Upcoming gigs: May 22nd: Hardon @ Phoenix Bar (Sydney), June 12th: Queens Birthday @ Swampy (New South Wales), June 14th: Underbear @ The Laird (Melbourne).

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Credit Card Babies by MEN is DJ Seymour Butz' own mix. He is also the remix artist known as Stereogamous. MEN is a side project by the transman lead vocalist of Le Tigre, JD Samson. My favorite track on this mix!

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