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ATLANTA: Charges Dropped Against Man Who Called For Murder Of Elton John

Charges have been dropped against anti-gay nutjob Neal Horsley, who was arrested in March for calling for the death of Elton John.
Neal Horsley, 65, was arrested in March for writing a post entitled "Why Elton John Must Die" on his website and for protesting with a sign that read "Elton John Must Die" outside John's condominium in Atlanta. Horsley's protests came after the openly gay singer, who lives part-time in Atlanta, described Jesus as a "super-intelligent gay man" in an interview with Parade magazine. Horsley was charged with terroristic threats, criminal defamation and using the Internet to disseminate threats. At Atlanta judge ruled Monday that Horsley's actions did not warrant criminal charges, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.
Horsley, who has admitted having sex with a mule, is also behind an internet campaign to out LGBT people in Africa, presumably so that they can be murdered. He is a 2010 Creator's Rights Party candidate for governor of Georgia.

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