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Breaking The Law For Love

The SF Weekly's Lauren Smiley has turned in a fascinating (and sad) profile of several gay couples who've been separated due to our nation's inequitable immigration laws. An excerpt:
Now that Arizona's "papers please" law has pushed immigration reform to Washington's front burner, Democrats propose allowing "permanent partners" to be treated the same as spouses under immigration law. While 19 countries have similar policies, it won't be an easy sell: The gay lobby fears they'll be sacrificed as a bargaining chip to get Republicans on board, while pro-immigrant groups worry that adding in gays will ruin any chance for reform for everyone else. While critics say letting permanent partners through the gate invites fraud — how do you validate the relationship without a marriage license? — others say the current system is what encourages people to cheat. So what do you do when the law won't permit you to be with the most meaningful person in your life? Simple. You break it.
Read the entire story.

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