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Chinese School To Toughen Up "Sissies"

An elementary school is China has launched a program intended to squash unmasculine tendencies in its young boys.
Qinlinglu Elementary School in Zhengzhou, Henan province, has launched an initiative called 'Looking for a Real Man' to encourage boys to act more like boys. As part of this the youngsters are taught how to act more masculine and must take an oath swearing to act like 'real men', reports the Dahe Daily. Wang Jianhua, who has been teaching at the school for 14 years, says he has noticed that boys have become "more and more girly". He said: "During class breaks their favorite game is elastic band skipping, which is a typical girl's game. "And the boys are very fragile. If we just scold them a bit they will cry out loudly." In contrast, he says the girls at the school are becoming wilder and wilder. "They not only like physical fighting, but also are quite straight-forward and have strong characters," he added.
(Tipped by JMG reader Bryan)

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