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DOERS TV: 21-Channel Online Christian Television Network Launches

A 21-channel online Christian television network called DoersTV has launched. Interestingly, the network says it will never ask for donations, charge for subscribing, or air any fundraising telethons.
"I truly believe, as disciples of Jesus Christ, all Christians (especially those in the media) have a responsibility to present the Gospel without cost," Pastor David Wright, CEO of, said recently. "When Jesus laid the principle of freely you have received, freely you give; I believe He meant it. Everyone should be able to receive the Gospel free of charge. I do realize that there are major expenses involved in running a television network and bills must be paid, however, we must find creative ways to raise these funds without selling the Gospel."
That "creative way" they will raise funds is via the Christian Shopping Channel, which is already running on DoersTV channel 9. A casting call for CSC posted last month in Orlando notes that the hosts will receive "no pay." BTW, I've clicked around on DoersTV via their remote control function and the interface is pretty slick. Instant start, slick menus. The major networks could take a clue from them. Here's a clip from CSC.

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