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Gay Marriage Is Worse Than The Oil Spill

So says the Maine Family Policy Council.
The shining whiteness of the bridal gown, symbolizing purity and the power that purity conveys, has been stained — or smudged, if you will — by pornography, sex before marriage, marital infidelity, divorce, abortion and, now, so-called marriages between people of the same sex. Like the dirty oil that pours uncontrollably into the waters of the Gulf, this withering tide of immorality at times seems impossible to control. No one has been successful in stopping the onslaught, since many parts of our society share a mistaken view of human freedom. When used properly, freedom is good and life-enhancing, but when misapplied, freedom works against life.

Not all free actions are moral; and not all actions that are legal are good. In the case of slavery, free and legal actions were profoundly cruel and hateful. The same is true of abortion, the worst moral evil of our time. Those who justify immoral actions in the name of freedom, while failing to discuss the ethical dimension of those actions, keep society in moral obscurity and darkness. They may appeal to free enterprise, as BP did, or they may appeal to the First Amendment, as did the people who paraded half-naked through Farmington. But the actions, viewed from the aspect of the purpose of the participants, were clearly motivated by greed in one case and perhaps confused rebellion on the other. The proper symbol for such behavior is not a sunflower, as in the case of the BP logo, but a killing tide of black oil.
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