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ISRAEL: Police Uncover Clue About Tel Aviv LGBT Youth Center Attack

Last August a masked gunman walked into a Tel Aviv LGBT youth center and began firing, killing two and injuring many others. Israeli police launched a national manhunt, vigils and protests were held worldwide, but until now there's been no break in the case.
Reports emerged Monday of a new discovery in the as yet unsolved case of a murderous attack on a gay youth center in Tel Aviv, and Ynet has learned that police will summon around 1,000 people to be questioned in connection with the new information. The investigation of the attack, in which a gunman killed two people, was placed under a gag order since its occurrence almost a year ago. But it appears that new evidence has emerged from laboratory tests, which uncovered an element shared by thousands of Israelis. Police mapped out the population, and filtered out a thousand people with whom they intend to speak personally and test. "A huge number of people need to be checked out," a police official told Ynet. In the meantime, the investigating team will continue probing all other leads.
Although the police have not specified exactly what the new evidence is, it seems like it might be DNA-related. Tel Aviv's chief of police has vowed to spare no expense until the killer is apprehended.

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