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KLM To Gay Flight Attendants: You Must Continue To Fly To Iran

Royal Dutch Airlines has turned down reassignment requests from gay flight attendants who say they fear flying to Iran.
Trouble is brewing at Dutch airline KLM, where a number of homosexual stewards want to be excused from flying to Iran. Iran is one of the most intolerant countries in the world when it comes to homosexuality, and the stewards - who have to spend the night there because of their work - do not feel safe. Dutch newspaper AD reports that they asked KLM for alternative destinations but were turned down. KLM has already allowed a number of stewardesses not to serve on flights to Iran because "unpleasant things happened to them there", but the company says it cannot make any more exceptions. No further changes will be made unless it becomes really unsafe for personnel.
Female flight attendants say they don't want to wear headscarves when flying to Iran. Male flight attendants don't want to wear a noose.

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