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LGBT Youth Group Launches To Fight Exodus & "Ex-Gay" Therapy

Launching this week in advance of the upcoming Exodus International "ex-gay" conference is Stand- Together, a new group whose mission is to tell LGBT youth that they are fine, normal, and beautiful just as they are. Below, they invite young LGBT people to record a video message of strength and self-acceptance and upload it to YouTube for inclusion on the Stand-Together site.
We’re launching Stand-Together in response to the nearly overwhelming narrative of homophobia and heterosexism mainstream culture sends our way. Many of these messages target young LGBTQ and questioning youth, and in the spirit of brave young people like Constance McMillen, Derrick Martin, Ceara Sturgis, Omar Bonilla, and Cheyenne Williams, we’ve decided to stage a constructive protest. Our primary goal is to reach those members of our community who are in need of hope, reassurance, and most importantly, strength in unity. That’s where you come in! Join us by recording a short video (45 seconds or less) describing your path to pride and self-respect. What was it like when you came out? Did you experience harassment at school? Was it hard for you to reconcile your spirituality and sexuality? Who do you rely on for support? What are your plans for the future? Upload your message to YouTube, send us the link, and we’ll include what you have to say on We plan to publicize the project far and wide, online and off, and we’re so excited you’re standing with us! Together we are strong!
Here is one of the first submissions. You can find others already on the Stand-Together site. And check out their Facebook page.

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