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ManCrunch Launches Wedding Contest

A lot of folks had decided ManCrunch was a fake site created just to screw with CBS over their Super Bowl advertising policies. But today we hear they are launching a contest to win a gay wedding during Toronto's gay pride parade.
As North America’s fastest growing same-sex dating service, has enabled thousands of men to find happiness in a lasting relationship. At this year’s Pride Parade, in Toronto, Canada, our ceremonial float will be loaded with 10 couples ready to receive their nuptials. As the float progresses through the parade, wedding ceremonies will be performed by an officiant, with 1.3 million cheering witnesses. As a proud supporter of gay marriage we believe that ALL people, no matter where you live, your sexual orientation or what gender you are, you should have the right to say “I do” to the person you love. To emphasize our point, we’ve set out to make history.
Does anybody here actually belong to ManCrunch? Reviews?

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