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MONTANA: Bigots File Lawsuit To Overturn Small Town's New LGBT Rights Law

Back in April the city council of the small town of Missoula, Montana added LGBT people to its housing and employment protections. Now the idiots behind the site Not My Bathroom have filed a lawsuit against the town claiming their petition attempt to have the law repealed by referendum is being blocked.
The lawsuit says plaintiffs diligently worked to craft a valid petition but faced "discriminatory delaying tactics." The filing appears to ask the court to mandate the defendants put the ordinance on the ballot or explain why they shouldn't "perform their statutory duties." When contacted, plaintiff Tei Nash would not clarify the demands and directed calls to his attorney, who could not immediately be reached for comment. formed to fight the anti-discrimination ordinance, which the Missoula City Council adopted April 13. The measure protects people in the gay, lesbian and transgender community from discrimination in housing and employment. Some opponents who fought the ordinance before it was approved now want to put it on the ballot. If they had turned in enough signatures on a valid petition within 60 days of adoption, the law would have gone dark while awaiting voter response at the ballot. So the lawsuit also asks the court to stop the clock on the 60 days, "taking into account that Respondents' tactics denied Petitioners the June 8 primary voting opportunity to collect signatures." claims the law should "more accurately be called the Peeping Tom Ordinance." During the debate to approve the law, the daughter of the site's creator argued against her own father before the city council, telling her dad that she had "lost all respect for you."

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