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PhoboQuotable - Michael Pakaluk

"It seemed a real danger that the boy being raised by the same-sex couple would bring to school something obscene or pornographic, or refer to such things in conversation, as they go along with the same-sex lifestyle, which--as not being related to procreation-- is inherently eroticized and pornographic. He might expose other children to such things, as he might easily have encountered them in his household." - The Archdiocese of Boston's Pilot newspaper columnist Michael Pakaluk, explaining why he objected to the six year-old son of a gay couple being in the same class with his boy.

Yesterday Pakuluk said he "regretted" that portion of his column after his editor issued an apology, but that he stands by his other objections. Last month the Archdiocese of Boston threatened to cut funding to any Catholic school that barred the children of gay parents. Pakuluk is an evangelical convert to Catholicism and a member of Opus Dei.

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